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Hot news!

Dear Guests!

I am very pleased to inform you that together with my colleagues we have reopened Campus Sebestyén Restaurant at the Faculty of Engineering, Debrecen University. Our dishes are made of excellent ingredients using today’s modern kitchen appliances. Besides the usual rich home-made style meals you will not miss vegetarian and fitness food on the menu. At your request we are happy to deliver your meal to your home or workplace. Bills can be paid by SzépKártya and Erzsébet utalvány as well.  Please, have a look at our offers, taste our meals and return to us.

We all look forward to welcoming you.

Enjoy your meal!

                                                                                              László Sebestyén

                                                                                              restaurant manager

The word 'fitness' spread in the Hungarian language in the 1990s originating from the English word 'fitness'. It used to be a special version of gymnastics and healthy lifestyle. Its initial meaning are: condition, aptitude, adequacy, exactness and good health. These expressions together give us a closer picture of today's trendy sport and healthy lifestyle. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle it is essential to consume healthy food. Following these principles we have prepared a so-called 'fitness-menu'. It is important to know that there are no 'fitness meals'. When selecting the ingredients and preparing the dishes the principle of proper quality, proper quantity and method of preparation are the key guidelines. The main characteristic is diversity in ingredients, tastes, colors and method of preparation: 

° the use of whole grain products;

° variety of vegetables and pottages;

° the minimization of the use of native sugar (beet sugar, cane sugar);

° the reduction of total fat intake

° reduced energy content

Fitness menu is recommended to those who would like to eat healthy and are open to consume dishes that support losing weight on the long run. In order to achieve this goal it is essential to design all the daily dishes similarly and to do exercises regularly.

Our services


Sebestyén Canteen, Debreceni Egyetem Műszaki kar

4028 Debrecen Ótemető u. 2-4

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 11:30 - 14:00

Phone numbers:

+36 52 415-155

Extension: 77773

Cell phone: +36 30 955-8383

Debreceni Egyetem, Kossuth Lajos Gimnázium Canteen

Debreceni Egyetem, Műszaki Kar Canteen

Debreceni Egyetem, Jogi Kar Canteen

Debreceni Egyetem, Informatikai Kar Canteen

4029 Debrecen Csengő u. 4-6.

4028 Debrecen Ótemető u. 2-4.

4026 Debrecen Kassai út 26.

4026 Debrecen Kassai út 26.

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