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A’la Carte with self-service. Our guests are welcome to choose from a menu prepared in advance for a period of a week containing the prices of the meals. The options are two soups, four garnishes, three salads, two main dishes and two freshly prepared dishes containing a fitness and a vegetarian meal as well. This selection is enriched by a ‘daily offer’ focusing on traditional tastes, rich garnishes and sometimes the rendezvous of surprising savors. It has been our responsibility to cater for the groups visiting the main summer events of Debrecen for 15 years now. As a result of this tremendous experience based on a wide range of food culture we have gotten to know, we are capable of enriching our dishes. It is our plan to invite Chefs form nearby and far-away countries to get familiar with the authentic methods of preparation as well as ingredients of Serbian, Slovak, Italian, Greek, Chinese and Jewish cuisine.  We at the same time will not neglect our popular, traditional Hungarian meals.  We would like torevive a daily selection of about ten traditional Hungarian dishes such as tripe stew, cabbage ‘toros’, veal stew, toasted goose liver, stuffed cabbage, beef stew, Brasovroast once available only in traditional Hungarian steakhouses and later in buffets called ‘delicious snacks’ We will be glad to welcome you in our restaurant every weekday from 11:30. In case you choose to eat at home or in your workplace, please let us know until 09:00 every day and we will be happy deliver your lunch.

“Welcoming guests means taking good care of them as long as they are under our roof.”

/Brillat Savarin/

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