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Guests choosing this option can select from a menu prepared in advance for a period of a month. The options are two soups, four second dishes containing fitness and vegetarian meals as well. When designing the menu it is always our aim to pick a wide range of dishes so in case you select from the menu every day, your meals will still be exciting and diverse. It is very important for us that neither our guests with lower income nor the retired people feel disadvantaged when eating their daily hot meals. It is also our main goal to prepare dishes using seasonal ingredients. The word Menu must not have the connotation of cheap, unhealthy, tasteless or outdated in our restaurant. We wish to re-establish the honor of menu-based meals. Together with my colleagues we strive to meet all your needs and expectations.  You are welcome to enjoy your menu in our restaurant (H-4028 Debrecen 2-4 Ótemetőstreet) or in your home using our delivery service. Make your order for a day, a week or for even a month.

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