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It is the priority goal of Debrecen Campus Non-Profit Company to protect personal data provided by those using our services (hereinafter referred to as Customers) and to provide Customerswithinformational self-determination.

Customers’ personal information will be handled confidentially by Debrecen Campus Non-Profit Company, in accordance with the effective legislative provisions providing data safety. All the technical and organizational measures as well as procedural rules will be established that are necessary for the enforcement of the relevant statutory provisions and other recommendations.

This Code also states, inter alia, how and for which purposes personal data is used by us and how we ensure the preservation and protection of personal data.

During the creation of the Code the following legislations were kept in mind:

– Law LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of information of public interest

– Law VI of 1998 on the protection of individuals in the automatic processing of personal data.

– Law C of 2003 on electronic communications

– 226/2003. Govt.Regulation (13 XII.) on electronic communication services with special conditions for data management, data security in electronic communication services and rules of ID display and call forwarding

– Law CVIII 2001 on electronic commerce

The Code is continuously available at the following address:

If anyone among our Customers would like to raise questions, concerns other than the present rules or has a problem arisen, or has any comments related to the Code which are not or not fully clear or explained, they are kindly asked to please contact our colleague responsible for ensuring the protection of personal data at the following email address:

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Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company agrees to inform Customers in advance if principles and practices of the handling of personal data are to be modified in any way. Customers will be informed on such changes in advance so theyare always familiar with the current data management principles and practicesof the entire portal accurately and continuously. Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company agrees that the present Code of personal data management and data protection always reflects the actual principles and practices applied.

Personal data may be handled

a) with consent of the data subject

b) under Law or a local government decreeunder special provisions authorized by Law. In the public interest Law with the indication of the scope of data may order the disclosure of personal data. In all other cases data subject’s consent, in case of sensitive data his written consent is necessary for the disclosure of the data. When in doubt, it shall be presumed that the person did not consent to. Data subject’sconsentmust be consideredgrantedin case the person’s data is disclosed by him during public appearances or has been handed overby him for public disclosure.

Regulations related to data management and Customers’ personal data protection consider only natural persons given the fact that personal data must also be interpreted with regards tonatural persons exclusively based on Law LXIIIof 1992 on personal data protection and the disclosure of data of public interest 2.§ 1., so this Policy is binding exclusively in respect of handling personal dataof natural persons.

The most important principles for the handling of personal data enforced by Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company as well are as follows:

Personal data can be handled only for a specified purpose, to exercise rights and to fulfillobligation. To order and purchase the cold and hot meals announced on the webpage of Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company, a so-called chip card will be accepted as well which allowsthe legitimate users of the smart card to spend a monthly amount available. The smart card contains the Customer’s name, address, job title, work location and budget available for purchase at all times. The Customer’s personal datais used by Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company exclusively for the identification of Customerduring the use of smart cards.

Data managementas described above must meet the objectiveat all stages.

During data managementonly such personal data shall be handled that is essential for the realization of the purpose ofdata management and is appropriate for achieving the goal.

Data management shall only take place to the extent and duration necessary to achieve that purpose.

Personal data – in the absence of legal regulations – can be handled only if the Customer’s consent is given.

The nature of data service – voluntary or compulsory – must be presented before the data collection. In case of mandatory data service legislation prescribing data managementmust be indicated.

During data management data should only be used for the stated purpose.

In addition to the purpose of data management clear information must be published on who the data will be handled and processed by.

Storage of data must be implemented in line with the purpose of data management and must be provided securely during the period necessary for data management.

The data service takes place on a voluntary basis.

In order to obtain full services offered by the website, certain personal data of the Customers (such as name, postal address or email address) are essential to know.

Under identifiable data and information, we mean personal data related to natural persons that allow for personal identification, for communication as well as for the determination of someone’s physical availability – including but not limited to: name, home address, postal address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail, smart card information and ID number.

It should be noted, however, that if someone refrains from giving out personal data, he may not be able to make use of the servicesbound to the providing of personal data.

Under no circumstances shall Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company collect any special data related to racial origin, national or ethnic origin, political opinion or party affiliation, religious or other beliefs, health conditions, addictions, sexual life or criminal record.

Present Code concerns the protection of personal data supplied to Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company. Should someone voluntarily make his personal data or portion of it public, such information will not be covered by the scope of this Code.

In case our Customers are asked to registeron specific pages of our website it is always indicated which data, for what purposes and under which conditions it is compulsory to provide them. In this case the expression ‘compulsory’ does not refer to the mandatory nature of data collection but to the fact that there are records without which registration cannot be completedsuccessfully, thus leaving certain fields blank or incorrect filling may lead to the refusal of registration. However, the information requested on a mandatory bases are asked in such a general form that it is impossible to apply them for any personal identification.

Personal or other data provided by the Customers will neither be completed nor combined with data from other sources or information. In case data from various sources are planned to be interconnected,this step will always be preceded by proper and timely information and the preliminary consent of the Customer.

If certain services and website pages are provided by Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company to the employees of companies with which it has business relationsand in case personal data collection occurs, these data in question are included in the data management and data usage authority of Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company.

The personal data we are provided with by our Customers will under no circumstances be passed on to a third party without the specific mandate of our Customers.

In case personal data of our Customers (e.g. smart card number) has to be sent onlinein order to access our services, the appropriate channel (SSL connection) is provided for proper protection of such messages.

As soon as a personal data arrives within the IT infrastructure used by the Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company, tasks related to the preservationand the protection of data are specified by the principles, procedures and security controls laid down in present Code. Compliance of these principles and procedures is the responsibility of all the employees of the company.

Access to the personal data is provided exclusively for specific employees holding competent jobs and by applying high-level access controls.

If our Customers have any questions about the security regulations, we kindly ask them to contact us by sending an e-mail to the Company’s employee in charge of security matters at the following address:

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Changing and deleting personal data

If any customer requests to delete his personal data from our system (of course, in some cases undertaking the fact that henceforth he will either not access or not in the usual manner the services previously linked to such data), we will forthwith perform accordingly.

Registration sites, order forms

In some cases in order to access the services of the website it may be necessary to fill in registration forms. Such sites require personal data necessary for contact (name, postal address, e-mail address). In some cases further information is asked (eg. demographic information), but we strive at all times to request additional information proportionate in extent and depth to the advantages gained through the use of our services.

In case personal data is required for the use of pay-service, additional personal information can be asked such as the delivery address, the number of the smart card, etc. These data are necessary for the fulfillment and the closure of the payment processas well as for the contractual fulfillment of the notification and delivery obligations.

The anonymous buyer identifier (cookie) is a unique sequence suitable for identifying and storing profile information installed on customers’ computers by service providers. Please note that these sequences alone cannot in any way identify the client, ie. the customer, they are merely capable of recognizing the customer’s computer. Name, email address, or any other personal information are unnecessary because with such solutions the service provider does not ask for data from the customer, data in fact is exchanged between computers.

By respecting the relevant laws we agreethat any message or newsletter we send out to our Customers will have to be preceded by theirrequest, furthermore we always ensurethe possibility of terminating such communications services. Customers who at any time decide to terminate the newsletter service after having ordered it, can cancel the service by sending an e-mail to us. Information on how to unsubscribe from the newsletter is presented in the footer of all the newsletters.


In order to register or subscribe our new Customers will receive a greeting message including important information on how to confirm user name and password, etc. With their consent Customers will receive newsletters at certain intervals containing information on new services, special offers, etc. If Customers do not wish to receive these promotional messages any longer but had not indicated it previously, can still cancel this service through the same channels used for ordering our services.

Notice of content change of services

In case information has to be sent out regarding our services, e.g. change of the content, change of the quality or the availability of the service, an e-mail of notification will be sent to our Customers following their interests as well as our commitment to provide them with proper and timely information. Such notifications of service will be sent to all our clients and it is impossible to unsubscribe from this”notification list” as it is related to our services and to the basic demand for communication enforcing the interests of our Customers. Nevertheless, we agree that such communication options will be used by us to the extent necessary and will not be used for marketing purposes.

Informational materials on certain services indicated on our website will be sent out to our Customers at certain intervals containing news. If our Customers do not wish to receive these materials they can always cancel this service by sending us an e-mail.

With the acceptance of this Privacy Policy you give consent to Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company to process and manage your data described in this Policy.

Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Company

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